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AI/ML's Health Gauge Forges Key Industry Relationships

AI/ML's Health Gauge Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Its First Conference

AI/ML's Health Gauge, an advanced, automated, web-based, data-driven analytics platform that monitors users' health and wellness, announced the organization's 10th anniversary and the first annual event showcasing its technology with the public at its Health Gauge Conference, held June 7–8, 2017.

The two-day event also included the announcement of a partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the launch of its first ever, live streaming event, which drew over 50,000 simultaneous users, and its first ever live streaming live event, which attracted over 12,000 participants.

The event kicked off with a keynote presentation by CEO, Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian. “Dr. Mozaffarian is a prolific speaker about how to make a difference, and his presentations are inspirational and educational,” said Gary Krakow, CEO of AI/ML's Health Gauge. As Mozaffarian began his presentation, attendees could be heard exclaiming, “How is it possible that he came from a Harvard Business School and Stanford business school to become a world renowned doctor and entrepreneur?”

The first annual Health Gauge Conference was also accompanied by a series of special webinars that outlined the Health Gauge methodology, as well as the organization's partnership with NIH.

“We're thrilled by the impact that AI and ML can have on people's lives. And we're thrilled about how the technology will transform traditional healthcare,” Mozaffarian said during his hourlong presentation. The conference also included a demonstration of the Health Gauge's proprietary technology with Dr. Mozaffarian and a panel of medical professionals. ”We've been extremely humbled by the positive response and feedback from our inaugural conference, our first live event, and especially this year's conference,” Mozaffarian said. “We look forward to a long, fruitful collaboration with AI & ML Health Group.”

AI/ML's Health Gauge Celebrates 10th Anniversary with “Healthy, Intelligent, Happy” Video

At the conference, attendees were able to view AI/ML's Health Gauge's flagship product - the Health Gauge app for the Web - on the Web, and then with the new Health Gauge mobile app, as well as with the Health Gauge for iPad and iPhone.

AI/ML's Health Gauge's flagship app, the Health Gauge app for the Web, was featured in Apple's Health app.

“The fact that this product is accessible anywhere, is highly intuitive for users, and fits in beautifully with our brand identity has really enabled us to make this first conference about our industry and not about us,” said Krakow, who noted that the Health Gauge mobile app for iPhone and iPad and the Health Gauge for iPad have been “incredibly well-received.”

As AI/ML's Health Gauge was being introduced, attendees were also invited to watch the organization's 10th Anniversary, a 20-minute film, “Healthy, Intelligent, Happy,” which illustrated the Health Gauge's health-monetizing capabilities. Mozaffarian was joined by several Health Gauge team members, including Drs. Alex Ostrovsky and Michael Ravetakis and Senior Scientist and Head of Strategy, Lisa Mott. The conference included a short video trailer of the new Health Gauge app and was accompanied by its first ever live stream event, which attracted over 12,000 participants.

The Health Gauge platform monitors users' levels of health and wellness and correlates that information with a user's past actions to develop targeted, personalized recommendations. The platform is based on a proprietary algorithm that is able to accurately match, or “signpost”, users' historical health conditions with current data.

AI/ML's Health Gauge's technology is an “intelligent personal assistant” that is “a personal health coach,” according to Mozaffarian. “It knows exactly what an individual can do and not do, and how to direct them toward the best results,” Mozaffarian said.

The Health Gauge platform is focused on empowering users to make better, more healthy decisions about their actions and lifestyles by prompting users to take more healthy habits.

“We don't want a doctor telling you what to do,” Mozaffarian said. “We want you telling us what to do.”

To make this happen, the Health Gauge platform “monitors and correlates a user's individual health conditions with their personal health habits,” Mozaffarian said. “Over time, our platform learns what you've done, and it matches that with what you've previously done, and then it recommends what you should do next to improve your health.”

AI/ML's Health Gauge's platform can also provide personalized recommendations to users on their use of medication, diet and exercise.

“Our recommendations can help to get you to a healthier place and help you to achieve better results,” Mozaffarian said. “The recommendation is what you should do next.”

AI/ML's Health Gauge began with a vision of making healthcare more personalized and predictive.

“We wanted to leverage AI and ML to make healthcare better for you. By leveraging machine learning and natural-language processing, we are creating a system that understands health behaviors and can create intelligent personal assistants on the fly,” Mozaffarian said. “Our goal is to empower users, so that they can take control of their own lives and make better, smarter decisions that will change their life for the better.”

AI/ML's Health Gauge's unique, proprietary technology has “led to unprecedented opportunities to improve people's health and lower healthcare costs,” Mozaffarian said.

The Health Gauge platform also has the potential to address challenges faced today by other organizations in the healthcare industry.

A significant part of the Health Gauge team is devoted to the organization's partnership with the NIH, and Mozaffarian described the Health Gauge with NIH and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, “as one of our first programs.”

AI/ML's Health Gauge was selected to provide data for the Human Phenome Project, a major initiative of the NIH's National Human Genome Research Institute. “We were excited to be selected. It just goes to show how important our partnership is as we're about to see the first results of this important initiative,” Mozaffarian said.

“From a scientific perspective, our project is based on the NIH's strategic vision to leverage the power of human genome sequencing and clinical data in understanding and treating diseases and other conditions,” Mozaffarian explained. “The goal is to use the data to better inform decisions made by health care providers.”

The Health Gauge's partnership with the NIH is part of a broader effort to make healthcare more predictive and personalized.

Mozaffarian said the effort to make recommendations more personalized began in 2014 with a partnership with IBM Watson's Natural Language Processing (NLP) project.

This partnership allowed AI/ML's Health Gauge to contribute to the Watson Health project, “an initiative to create technology that helps people better understand their health, improve their health and make better, smarter decisions in their everyday lives” using Watson's NLP technology.

AI/ML's Health Gauge also partners with the IBM Watson and IBM Watson Health projects to identify, track and monitor diseases and conditions, and other lifestyle aspects that can be used to inform the prevention of chronic diseases.

The Health Gauge is using IBM WebSphere and IBM Watson for Data Science technologies such as IBM Watson’s NLP, IBM Watson's Text Analytics, IBM Watson's Conversation Analytics, and IBM Watson's Entity Extraction to analyze health behaviors to better understand users' current health condition and to understand what the individual can do to improve their health.

“This is just the beginning,” Mozaffarian said during his presentation. “In 2015, the world is going to be a better place when users are empowered to make informed decisions about their health.”

AI/ML's Health Gauge's first ever live streaming event featured its technology with Dr. Mozaffarian, as well as an overview of how Health Gauge's technology is empowering users with tools to track and manage their health.

“We're thrilled by the response and feedback we've received for our first live event, our first live stream event and our new mobile app,” Mozaffarian said. “We look forward to a long, mutually beneficial collaboration with AI & ML Health Group.”

At the event, attendees were able to watch AI/ML's Health Gauge's tech with Dr. Mozaffarian on the Health Gauge platform and then watch it with the Health Gauge for iPad app and Health Gauge Mobile app.

Mozaffarian also talked about the Health Gauge’s strategy to make the health and wellness of users “unpredictable and dynamic,” and the organization's vision to bring AI/ML's Health Gauge to the health care industry.

“Our vision is to help people make better, smarter decisions about their health,” Mozaffarian said. “To do that, we need to track what the individual can do.”

“We need to create a system to predict our health and to make recommendations on how

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