DMALINK® partners with Axyon AI to add deep learning artificial ...

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Generated: 9/13/2021
DMALINK® partners with Axyon AI to add deep learning artificial ...

As part of its ongoing efforts in AI and machine learning, Dell EMC has expanded its partnership with a leading AI research firm to add deep learning artificial intelligence capabilities to the Dell EMC PowerEdge® R720 servers. The partnership with Axyon AI will bring artificial intelligence capabilities to the EMC PowerEdge R720 platform to enable the performance of AI workloads. The expanded partnership also enables Axyon AI to extend its support for deep learning, machine learning and other AI-related research for Dell EMC customers. The first Dell EMC PowerEdge R720 server with Axyon AI will be available in the third quarter of the fiscal year 2019.

Dell EMC will provide hardware and software for the new partnership. As part of the initiative, Dell EMC will also update its EMC PowerEdge R720 servers on the Hadoop and Apache Spark systems with the latest Axyon AI deep learning capabilities.

"The EMC PowerEdge R720 is at the forefront of AI, machine learning and advanced analytics for the enterprise, and today we are expanding our partnership with Dell EMC to bring the capabilities of artificial intelligence and deep learning to our customers," said Axyon AI CEO and Founder, Dr. Andrew Ng. "At Dell EMC, we are investing heavily in our customers' AI applications so that they can capitalize on the potential of machine learning in their own data, enabling them to create better businesses for themselves in the future. We look forward to extending our support to customers and partners of Dell EMC to further empower them with next-generation, AI capabilities."

The first customer for Dell EMC on this new partnership will be Tsinghua University, a leading Chinese research institution in the fields of medicine, mathematics and computer science. Tsinghua University has set up an AI research lab within the university's Information Science Institute and has been actively pushing for a better understanding of AI and its potential applications in multiple domains, including healthcare. Tsinghua University will use Dell EMC PowerEdge R720 servers with Axyon AI deep learning capabilities to meet its AI computing challenges.

"AI plays a key role in our research and educational efforts at Tsinghua University. The University is at the forefront of artificial intelligence in the world, and we are excited about our future partnership with Dell EMC to leverage the latest Axyon AI technologies to better serve our students and researchers," said Dr. Wei-Jin Wei, founder and CEO of Tsinghua University.

"I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Andrew Ng to Dell EMC as we expand our partnership with Axyon AI. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly growing and has profound impact on business," said Dr. Paul Miller, senior vice president and chief information officer at Dell EMC. "As a Dell EMC PowerEdge R720 customer, we want to make sure that our PowerEdge R720 servers are ready to power AI solutions, and by expanding our partnership with Axyon AI we are making our products able to do that."

About Axyon AI

Axyon AI is a global software company based in San Francisco, California, with over 150 employees. We apply AI to solve real-world problems, transforming industry, society and economics, often with minimal effort and time. We work collaboratively across industries, using AI to drive innovation, generate new ideas and change the world. Our AI applications are deployed on billions of devices and systems around the world.

About Axyon

Axyon empowers businesses to build and deploy the most resilient, high-performance, cloud-native applications. We develop and deliver intelligent software that enables organizations to automate and integrate their processes, increase product velocity, reduce costs and improve security and privacy. As a leading provider of AI, machine learning, and deep learning, we provide a range of technologies for the enterprise, including AI infrastructure, automation, enterprise operations, security and digital transformation. The Axyon AI portfolio includes Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Kafka Streams, Amazon ECS, Google Kubernetes Engine, Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Service, and Dell EMC PowerEdge® R720. Founded in 2013, Axyon is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nvidia. For more information, please visit

About Dell EMC

Dell EMC™, a leader in delivering data and analytics solutions to the world’s most critical business problems, enables customers to uncover the value they add with innovative IT, cloud, storage and business software, and then apply that insight to make better decisions about customer productivity, efficiency and innovation. For more information, visit

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