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Exclusive news and research on the wine, spirits and beer business

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Saturday, May 26, 2014

The 2014 North Jersey Pinot Noir Championships

2014 North Jersey Pinot Noir Championships begins today (Saturday) and
will run through Sunday (May 27th) at the New Jersey Pinot Noir Alliance
Showcase in the town of Newburgh.

This Pinot Noir
competition features three categories:

International Pinot Noir Championship: Three teams from Europe, Australia and
North America will compete with their own blend of grapes, which
are used to create a Pinot Noir wine that is sold in their own country.

2) North Jersey Pinot Noir Championship: Three New Brunswick
winegrowers will compete again with their own blend of grapes and produce
a single-varietal Pinot Noir wine.

North Jersey Pinot Noir Championship: For the third
time, three New Brunswick winegrowers will compete with their own
blend of grapes, which create a Pinot Noir wine sold in the United

Each of the three
competitors will create a single-varietal Pinot Noir wine and these wines
will be sold at a price determined by the final placing in the
tournament. The winning team(s). of the three North Jersey Pinot
Nations will be determined by the results of the three regional

competition is divided into three regional competitions. Teams will
compete in two regional events in which they will pair their own
varietal grapes with a single grape variety and a single winemaker;
these two events are open to winemakers from New Brunswick,
New York, Pennsylvania or even Delaware. The third regional event is the
North Jersey Pinot Noir Championship, which is open to winemakers from
New Jersey or New York.

you are a grower growing Pinot Noir grapes, whether it is for
home consumption, sales or a blending project, you can enter your wine
into this competition. Growers are asked to submit their wine
(and its tasting notes) by May 4th, 2014.

If you
are not a grower, but would like to enter your wine into the
competition, you can do so either by submitting by May 10, 2014 or by
obtaining a copy of the tasting note by May 25, 2014. Wineries are
asked to provide tasting note on their wines sent to them at time of

wineries will be judged at three levels based on the following:

Production of the wine: this will be determined by the
production of the highest quality Pinot Noir wine.

2) Tasting: the tasting notes will be published
(by May 25, 2014) on www.wineofnj.com and
the winning growers will be announced at the Nj Pinot Noir
Championships (May 27, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.).

event is open to the public and entry is free. For more information
about the event, click here
or call 201-945-0190, or email winemaker@NewBrunswickWine.com to register.

Tuesday, May 22, 2014

A new brewery in
New Brunswick's largest city could be the next major employer for the area.

New Brunswick Brewery is now open and is serving as an outlet for
New Brunswick's growing brewery scene.

The New
Brunswick Brewery is housed in what was once a dairy farm. The
building is an example of the sustainable construction that makes
New Brunswick, in particular, a place that is known for its
contemporary architecture and sustainable building practices.

on the corner of State Street (Route 1) and Northside Drive (Route 1A),
the New Brunswick Brewery features a wide variety of beers from
local breweries, as well as international beers, and wines. The
brewery also has a growing collection of guest beers that are brewed
on request.

New Brunswick Brewery is one of New York State's 11 craft breweries
and is owned by Hudson Reporter owner Paul J. Schmitt. The brewery
is located at 55 State Street, New Brunswick

brewery is open for tasting on Sundays, 1 through 7 p.m. New
Brunswick Brewery on State St. (Route 1) & Northside Dr. (Route

brewery has been open since August of 2012.

brewery was previously a dairy farm.

brewery was part of the local dairy operation that was owned by
George E. Ebel.

2011, the New Brunswick Brewery has been a sponsor of the annual Beer
Crazy.com (www.beercrazy.com). Beer Crazy is an annual beer festival that
takes place at the New Brunswick Brewery, featuring food and music. This
year the New Brunswick Brewery is serving as the sponsor for the
Beer Crazy.

The New
Brunswick Brewery is the first brewery in New York to use sustainable
building practices. The brewery offers both natural and renewable
materials for its construction. The walls are made of 100 percent
recycled concrete. The bottom of the building is made of
concrete that was taken from the bottom of a swimming pool.

Tuesday, May 15, 2014

There is
no better time to look at the wines of NJ than right now, as we are
in the midst of what has been dubbed the "best year in NJP." All of the
wineries that have released wines this past year have done a great job
of selecting wine that fits the classic definition of Pinot Noir
wines, but also includes some wines that are unique, as well as a
great number that are still in their infancy.

we thought as a tribute to our wines of New Jersey and to the
wineries of NJ, we would take a look at the wines that we have released
this year and the wines that are slated to release this coming year.

first wine is one that is just in the infancy stages of the
wineshop. It is the wine by the family of Scott and Melissa,
who produced their first wine in 2008.

wine is scheduled to be released in June and is the Wine
of the Day for June 9, 2014.

this coming year is the release of two wines from the C.M.
Wolterski family.

first wine is scheduled to be released in June and is the
Wine of the Day for June 9, 2014.

second, and last wine released in 2014 is the Wine of the Day for
May 29, 2014.

wine from the same family are set to be released in 2015, as they
have been at the helm since 2014 and are both scheduled for release
in June 2015. The wines released in 2015 are the Wine of the
Day for June 3 and the Wine of the Day for June 8.

in 2015 is the Wine of the Day for June 4, which is set to
have a release as a single-varietal wine that is to be called "New

is our hope that 2016 will bring new wines from New Jersey that fit
the classic definition of what makes a good Pinot Noir wine, but also
features wines that are unique and a great number that are in their

new wines, while they bring great taste and are exciting, should show
that we are still a young winegrowing state. We are still in our
infancy and we will continue to produce wines that are well-balanced
and full-flavored.

Thursday, May 10, 2014

Ponikian Vineyards & Winery is excited to announce the
announcement of the first wine made by the family of Tony and
Janice, the Winery’s founder.

And Janice were both born and raised in New York City and both
graduate school at the University of Minnesota, the University of
Minnesota-Duluth. They both took a hiatus from education and
entrepreneurship, and Tony and Janice started two businesses. Their
first business was a custom label business, while their second
business was a vineyard, where they grew several vineyards for the
University of Minnesota. Tony continued to work in his second
business and was a wine broker. His customers included the Wines of
New York, the Wines of Ohio, the Wines of Pennsylvania and
the Wines of Texas. He then decided to quit his job, run the vineyard
and go into business with another winery, Vino Vino, where he would
produce wines.

willingness to take his own risks led him to venture into new
directions, where he produced an organic white wine, Pomegranate
Pinot Noir, and also a wine that contained a mix of grapes,
including his own grape varieties, which he named White Moon, named
for the moon in the new year. Tony left the winery after several
years of producing wine, in 2010.

and Janice decided to return to winemaking, and had a new project
in mind, where they would combine their skills with a love

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