ML: Milan attentive to free transfer opportunities – 12 names who are potential options

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ML: Milan attentive to free transfer opportunities – 12 names who are potential options

By Anthony Powell

4:44pm Friday March 16, 2014


A year ago the Milanese club had a clear out after the departure of Clarence Seedorf, with only the goalkeeper Gianluca Mvecovas to keep them up. Today they are in the form of a horse in the last of the races and as such are looking to add to their squad with players who are ready to move on.

While they might be tempted by the chance to offload Seedorf, the owner, Silvio Berlusconi, has decided to hold on to a number of players, including his captain and a number of his best young players as he heads towards the end of his term in office. What Milan lacks in experience, they will surely compensate for with potential.


This could be a good opportunity for some of the club's younger players to move on, and that goes for any number of them. While a number will stay, others will be sold before the World Cup starts and many more will be gone after that.


For the moment, the only name on the list that could be a certainty to leave in the summer is that of Mario Balotelli. However, if they do sell, the names of Mario Balotelli, Marco Borini, Gennaro Gattuso, Diego Perotti, Mauro Icardi and Mario Balotelli might all be included into the possible sales list.


In terms of the young players, the two who have been linked most with a move to Europe’s biggest club over the past 18 months are Leonardo Bonucci and Giampaolo Pazzini, both of whom could be sold despite what the reports tell us. Milan have already sold three of the players that were linked in February.


The biggest name that could depart is that of Mario Balotelli. With a strong history with Inter, he could be tempted to go to the San Siro and be tempted by the chance to join Allegri and a new coach in Milan with who he has a connection.


Of course, many names could yet be linked with a move to the club next year regardless of the reports, but given the current state of things, that seems a very distant possibility.


One player who has been heavily linked with a future move to Roma is that of Gennaro Gattuso. The current sporting director Roberto De Zerbi is linked with his appointment at the club, which would be a huge coup for the club in terms of getting a true sporting director.


The player being linked with a move to Napoli is that of Giampaolo Pazzini. While he has not yet been linked with one particular club, Napoli are one of the candidates, and Pazzini’s agent is believed to be in their offices right now.


While one name is always going to come out of anything, the most probable transfer that could yet occur is that of Luca Toni, the player that was heavily linked with a move to Manchester City last summer. The agent of Toni has a record with Milan, along with another player that was linked with a move to Milan in January, Mauro Icardi.


There is a possibility also of a move to Roma, along with a move elsewhere. For now, it appears that Milan are looking for younger players, with names like Mario Balotelli, Mauro Icardi and Leonardo Bonucci, but there is also one player that they could be interested in in the summer.


Leonardo Bonucci and Giampaolo Pazzini are both of that age, and although the latter is unlikely, the former could possibly be sold so Milan can replace him with a younger player.


One player that could potentially leave in the summer is that of Giampaolo Pazzini. Even if he is not sold at the moment, it seems likely that he will be at some point of the summer, which could leave Milan with a hole in their midfield.

Anthony Powell is the Editor of Milan Live, having previously worked for numerous publications, most recently for the now-defunct Italian football magazine Four Four Two (he also wrote for the World Soccer website). After starting off at the magazine as an assistant editor, Anthony has since been promoted to editor. Anthony also writes for World Soccer, and has written many articles for the site.

Milan are in dire need of experience and young talent. There is only so much depth that there can be in the lineup of all the young players that have been signed.

I really like the transfer idea of bringing in some young talent. It would be really exciting to see some of the young talent in a different role from the one that they are in now.

The big problem is most of the old players will still be there next season and will just be pushed to make more money in their new contract

If they want a young player, they should sign one, not sell one to a team in Europe or South America. I like the idea of having to sign a young player to replace a player on loan, especially one that may be injured, or just needs an extra game or two.

It’s still possible that this new signing could be a good fit for the team but we’ll see next season at the least and hopefully they will be able to get a better match day team fit. It’s a great dream, but it requires the players on the pitch to improve and the supporters to support them.

It’s certainly an entertaining scenario, but it’s not impossible. If you’re going to build a team around youth, you should have to sign at least one world class player as he or she will be the future foundation for the team.

When it comes to young players the only two of the three Italian clubs who could compete with Juventus for world class are Inter and Napoli.

I think the problem is too many young players have come to Milan and they seem to be lacking in talent. There is a reason we have had six consecutive years with a young, inexperienced players starting in the first team.

With the exception of some youngsters coming off loan the team have a lot of players who are either too old or don’t have the ability to produce enough quality in their games.

I have to say though that I would be extremely curious to see how Milan would handle a loan move. They seem to have a lot of depth at the moment and even if a player doesn’t make the cut for the first team, they have a number of players who can play in more of a makeshift role.

I think it is an exciting possibility but I would be disappointed with an outcome like this.

What is the real plan here? Is it selling Seedorf because he might be worth more this season? Or is there a plan to get a younger generation of players and build a team around this young talent.

If Seedorf is sold than they should get the best package in return. Not too concerned with what Seedorf can do but more interested in what the young players can do in their future.

It’s going to be tough to get young players to come to Milan. They have a lot of young talent in their squads. I think it is a great idea and the club is smart to try and get these young players to Milan.

If Milan were to bring in Mario Balotelli he would probably be asked to work with the youth team because the first team isn’t good enough to play with some of them.

It would be cool to see how the team would be without the core of a team that was very good and has some really big names players like Seedorf and Bonucci, I think both of them could be sold but I think most of the players will stay at the club.

I think the only problem of this idea is that the players would all probably be overpriced and if they wanted to go they could simply ask for higher payouts in exchange for the transfer fee.

I think some young players do come to Milan and they do help the team in the future. Even if the first team wasn’t good I still believe they can grow, so I don’t mind if these players are overpriced or sold because they help in later years.

I think you need to know the plans of the club, and how expensive they are, if you want to make an educated judgement. For now, I hope these players will stay.

I think a young talent would fit in at Milan just fine. It would be a tough move for the team. However I think Seedorf would fit in nicely into the team and maybe be able to keep it together for the past couple of years.

Agree with all the comments. It just shows that Milan have a very good foundation of young, promising talent. With the exception of Seedorf Milan have a young, inexperienced squad.

It’s going to be a tough year for the team. Seedorf, Balotelli, Movicovas and Icardi will all be gone next season. The real problem is there is a lot of young talent around but a lot of it is not showing the quality that can cause Milan problems.

The only player I would like to see leave is Seedorf. You know his worth, he is still performing well and that is the main reason Milan have the financial means to pay him. They should then look at getting another quality player in his place.

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